We have just packed up at the end of the first Kitchenette action at Feast.

And at the end of a gruelling few days, we’re feeling a little tired and emotional.

Feast is an incredible festival of food which happens four times a year with some of the best restaurants and street food vendors in London. And this time, on each day , Kitchenette’s stall saw a different member of our food entrepreneurs make their market debut with thousands of hungry, discerning foodies and an incredible lineup of fellow traders.

To start one’s culinary adventures at one of the best (and busiest) food festivals in the UK is, we discovered, to undergo a total baptism of fire. We were frankly terrified to see Kitchenette’s pitch right next to our food crushes, The Modern Pantry, and two doors down from another, Caravan.  But every last one of them – The Good Egg‘s shakshuka and huevos rancheros; Miss Manchu‘s Asian salads; Nordinary‘s Swedish rice pud and Co+Co‘s handmade chocolate truffles – did us so proud.

There have been tears, visits to A&E, long queues, high praise and a lot of high-fives. And as a kind of Christmas bonus, we discovered the embarrassment of camaraderie, cheer and hands-on help that is the street food community, from Feast and from Kerb who helped us out loads in a million small ways. This ain’t called the hospitality sector for nothing.

Here are a few pics:



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