From the team behind The Exchange, the Long Table, (dubbed “Glastonbury for foodies” by Future Space Magazine), the founder of top London restaurants the Cinnamon Club and Roast, and the social enterprise incubator at the Young Foundation, we are proud to introduce a new social business with an emphasis on food.

We’re passionate about delicious, inventive food.

From Mission Street Food to Prufrock Coffee, there are now many successful food franchises in the formal sector that were built using street food as a starting point. Gourmet food trucks, supper clubs and popup restaurants can be a highly effective, low-cost way of starting out in food – testing and developing a product, understanding the right market for your food, growing cash balances and helping to launch brands.

We believe that the skills needed to do all this remain low among many people who make delicious, innovative food and are passionate about building businesses. Through our intensive support we want to help accelerate and democratize the learning to make many more successful food businesses survive in the critical early years, set a great foundation, and then really take off.

And making a change to society.

Our support is aimed at people who face barriers – experience, finance, networks, track record, confidence – but have a lot of talent.

We care deeply about their success, and the knock-on impact that their consequent hiring and sourcing can have on regenerating a community and an entire food ecosystem.

Because we think businesses should be profitable and ethical, every business we support will sign up to our ethical charter for Kitchenette entrepreneurs, with commitments to ethical sourcing, ethical employment practice and environmental sustainability.

Our philosophy:
  1. People over ideas. We know your idea will evolve and might completely change – that’s ok. Our commitment is to you as individuals and our belief in you.
  2. Experience is the best teacher. We think the best way to learn is to get out there and try it, and then reflect with people who challenge and support you.
  3. It’s not rocket science. We want to demystify the process of setting up a food business, and empower you to feel confident of what you know, what you don’t know, and what you need to learn. We’re very selective about our mentors, who combine top class first-hand experience with an ability to listen and be very candid.
  4. You’re in charge. We are supporting – not directing – your progress, and we will help you develop your vision. The harder you work, the faster you’ll learn, and we won’t sap your energy.
  5. Small steps lead to fast progress. We believe in getting real data, running small, cheap tests and making decisions based on that. We make progress in little steps.
  6. No hand outs. Every opportunity we provide will involve a commitment from you, and the ability for you to gain financially.