For the duration of the incubator, we’d like you to spend every Monday afternoon with us from 2.00pm.

Every Monday afternoon we run a 90 minute lecture and workshop series, where we get a range of experts to teach different aspects of a successful food business.

And then, after an afternoon’s Working Session, each participant will cook their product range, and we’ll all sit down to eat together for a group dinner with a Guest Speaker

1. Monday’s Working Sessions

These sessions make up our “food business 101” – what Kitchenette believes is the minimum you need to know to set you up in the right way to be able to set up a food business successfully, from people who have done it or been intimately involved with doing it.

Our goal is for the Monday working sessions is for them to be as stimulating, practical and as challenging as possible, and for there to be lots of room for informal discussion and feedback, between the participants as well as experts, mentors, advisors and friend.

2. Monday Night Dinner

Also on every Monday, after an afternoon’s Working Session, each participant will cook their product range, for a group dinner with a Guest Speaker.

The idea of this is twofold. First, that we place the food at the heart of what we are doing, constantly tasting and refining the product line for each other, able to experiment and share. But more importantly, second, that we share the food we cook and with each other, over the magic that eating together can bring.

We’ve been inspired by other incubators, like the Y-Combinator, and how frank, engaging dinner-time talks can really help first time entrepreneurs. Our Guest Speakers include established entrepreneurs, those who are a bit further along than you, and others whose stories are candid, inspiring and above all, helpful.

“It isn’t so much what’s on the table that matters, as what’s on the chairs.”
– W. S. Gilbert

Office hours

Throughout the 12 weeks, we’ll have bookable sessions that we call Office Hours. You can book in as much time with us as you like, on a first-come-first-served basis. We’ll have enough time to see everyone for at least 1 hour a week; and then will have addition hours a week for you to talk to specific mentors and experts.

So it might be that you’d like to talk through your legal form, your suppliers, your menu, locations you are considering, people you are considering working with. During Office Hours, you’ll be able to tell us this and a lot of thinking about your business will get done.

Bookable resources

Throughout the 12 weeks, we’ll have bookable resources  including prep kitchen space that lower the costs of starting a business. We know that the days you might want access to resources are specific to you, so they’ll be available when you need them.

We’ll have a list of these resources soon.

Markets and market access opportunities

Here are a list of markets and popup spaces you’ll be able to sell at:

- Street Feast


- Real Food Market

- Maltby Street

- Pop Up Space

- Company lunches

And many more…